Core Values

The following are some core values held by Amazing Grace Christian Church:


We value the Bible as God’s Word, believing it to be authoritative and accurate from beginning to end and that it contains all that is necessary for salvation and service.  Therefore, we will strive to teach God’s Word accurately and intelligently, in a systematic manner so that the unsaved will come to Christ and believers will mature in Him.


We value worship that is authentic and acceptable to God.  Therefore, we desire to acknowledge God’s greatness and worth in our personal lives and corporate worship of Him by participating in the observance of the weekly Lord’s Supper where we will take part in the bread and the cup in the context of a full meal, in remembrance of Jesus and His death and anticipation of our eternal fellowship with Him.


We value biblical community where people have the freedom to minister to and to love one another.  Therefore, we ask all of our people to commit to and fully participate in Church gatherings where they may exercise their gifts and experience Christian community.


We value a grace orientation to life in Christ as opposed to legal orientation.  Therefore, without judging and putting others down, we encourage people to serve Christ out of love and gratitude rather than guilt and condemnation.

Cultural Relevance

We value ministry that effectively communicates biblical truth that people understand, while remaining true to biblical principles.

Lost People

We value the lost because God does.  Therefore, we desire to see that all of our people use every available Christ-honouring means to pursue, win and disciple unchurched, lost people.

Every Member Participation

We value total congregational involvement in ministry within their sphere of gift.  Therefore, we seek to equip all of our uniquely gifted people to effectively accomplish the work that God has gifted them for.

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